Chrissa Hardy
March 18, 2014 12:00 pm

Real talk, guys? I hate the gym. It’s not a comfortable environment for me and it never has been. The only machines I’ve mastered are the treadmill and the elliptical, and I find both to be incredibly boring – no matter how often I shake up my Spotify playlists. What I need in order to stick with a consistent workout schedule is excitement, fun, and honestly, solitude. I like being on my own, because then I can wear whatever I’m most comfortable in and I can really push myself without worrying about the random gym-goers watching me not-so-gracefully move from one cardio routine to the next.

But even in my at-home workouts, I need variety in order to stick with it. THE SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS MAGIC? There is no secret. And there is no magic. It takes hard work, dedication, and balance. However you find that combination is up to you. For me, it’s about being open to new styles of exercise. I tend to go through fitness phases, so one month I’ll use the same Barre workout DVD every single day and then I’ll need something new at the start of the next month or I won’t have the motivation to set aside workout time.

My latest fitness phase is the JCORE Workout Program. Since my free time is limited (I’m a nutso workaholic with a screen in my face all day long), the JCORE 20-minute daily workouts are PERFECT. I can squeeze in a total body workout (no equipment required!) in just 20 minutes and feel that beautiful post-workout soreness the next day. I don’t need to worry about only focusing on cardio (which I tend to do) because the JCORE workouts focus on every part of the body to help you build that evenly toned look. They offer a 40-day program that includes meal plans and nutritional guidance, because fitness is only half the weight loss battle. This program was created by Jay Cardiello, who has trained celebs like Jennifer Lopez and 50 Cent. YOWZA. So clearly, he knows his stuff.

Check out the full JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation System here! You’ll get hooked immediately!