Chrissa Hardy
Updated Feb 27, 2014 @ 8:29 am

If I had a nickel for every embarrassing bump, ingrown hair, or razor burn mark I’ve had in my life, well, I’d have so many nickels that you’d question my ability to properly shave my legs. I don’t know what it is, you guys. I think I have really sensitive skin and my hair follicles are just a-holes, maybe? But at least every other time I shave my legs and bikini line, I end up with a red bump or two. I’ve spent tons of time on the interwebs looking for tips and new methods to try. I’ve tried these new methods. And I always get the same result.

I don’t want to try waxing. Sorry, I’m just too scared. The one horror story I read in YM 15 years ago was enough to keep me away forever. I’ve considered sugaring, partly because it seems painless and also because the name makes it sound delightful. But it’s also pretty expensive to have done at a salon, or just a mess to try myself at home.

Luckily, I found the Gigi No Bump line from Sally Beauty. Their body scrub is my favorite, because exfoliating is fun and makes me feel like I’m shedding my dead and nasty winter snake skin for the supple healthy stuff underneath. You apply a layer of it all over your body in the shower, and massage those dead cells and bumps away. Make sure you use it within 8 hours of hair removal and then 48 hours after for maximum protection.

This stuff has actually helped. Maybe this summer won’t be so awful after all? Nah, summer is the worst, but at least I’ll be happy and smooth. 🙂

Since a jar of No Bump is only about $13 at Sally Beauty, I can put my extra cash to something better – like a summer vacation, perhaps? And it’s available through their auto ship and save program, giving me 10% off! I love me a good deal. Don’t you? As always, before buying anything online, check for a Sally Beauty coupon code first. Be smart about your smooth-skin-spending, ya know?

Order yours here.