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Credit: Byredo / Sephora /Goop / Anna Buckley

What better time than spring to give your fragrance shelf a bit of a refresher? There are a whole bunch of brand new perfumes hitting the scene as well as some truly delightful classics that you might want to finally add to your repertoire whether you like super feminine scents or are looking for a more gender neutral fragrance.

Seeing as March 21st is International Fragrance Day, it seems like the perfect time to start thinking about which perfume you’ll deem as your new signature scent.

As much as we love the heavy, earthy, woody scents of winter time, there’s nothing quite like the fresh, happy, bright smells of spring. And if you’re someone who appreciates the a more dramatic smell, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of heavy florals mixed with sandalwoods that offer the same kind of sultry quality.

These days, there are so many luxury perfume brands that it can feel overwhelming when trying to narrow down the perfect scent that fits your unique style and works with your body’s chemistry. It’s one thing to sniff a perfume wafting through the air, it’s quite another after the dry down. If you’re ever feeling iffy, don’t be afraid to ask for samples.

To help make your journey a bit easier, we’ve lined up 17 of our favorite spring fragrances for you.

1Commodity Nectar, starting at $26

Credit: Sephora

Step into spring with this vibrant perfume that blends sparkling citrus fruits with neroli for a bit of a zesty finish. Includes notes of juicy pomelo, neroli, and orange blossom.

2Tresor Rare Blooming Tribute, $599

Credit: Courtesy of Tresor Rare

Be dazzled by this feminine floral fragrance made of an exclusive and rare blend of pineapple, raspberry, and jasmine.

3Nest Wisteria Blue, $72

Credit: Sephora

This new perfume packs a fruity floral punch. The high-end, delicate notes of French wisteria are blended with Bulgarian rose, Imperial jasmine and a touch of fresh water.

4Phlur Hanami, $88

Credit: Phlur

If you’re looking for a fresh and airy fragrance, look no further than this eco-friendly, naturally-made minimalist perfume with notes of fig, white florals, hazelnut, and sandalwood.

5Goop Edition 02: Shiso, $165

Credit: Goop

You can almost feel the sun warming your skin when wearing this sensual, spicy perfume reminiscent of greens, crushed stems, and ancient exotic woods.

6Kai Rose Perfume Oil, $48

Credit: Kai

We admit to being total suckers for rose scents in the summertime, and this little beauty is stunning on its own or layered with other scents for a more complex scent.

7The Body Shop White Musk Eau de Parfum, $35

Credit: The Body Shop

This iconic and popular fragrance is light, sensual and deliciously floral.

8Jo Malone Jo Loves Orange Butterflies, starting at $175

Credit: Jo Malone

Coming in April, this perfume will make you feel like you’re in the South of France. With notes of orange blossom, petitgrain, mandarin, and neroli, you’ll think you’re walking through a flower field. Keep those eyes peeled!

9By Rosie Jane Rosie Eau de Parfum, $49

Credit: By Rosie

This blend of red rose, moroccan rose, nude musk, and vanilla makes for a sheer, beautiful fragrance that will help you feel like you’re in the heart of summer.

10Chloé Absolu de Parfum, $115

Credit: Sephora

This limited-edition version of the iconic fragrance is infused with the intensity of Damascena rose, like the original one, and made even more bold with the addition of Centifolia rose from Grasse, vanilla, and patchouli.

11Clean Reserve Acqua Neroli, $95

Credit: Sephora

With notes of mandarin, neroli, and amber, this sustainably-made fragrance uses bergamot and sandalwood harvested in a way that is eco-friendly and it pays off. This sweet, fruity, and citrusy scent has a light floral undertone that smells clean and fresh.

12Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose Eau de Toilette, $49

Credit: Sephora

Who among us hasn’t had the original Pure Grace rollerball in their purse at some point? This whimsical, ethereal take is a delicate balance of blush rose, clean dewy greens, neroli, and bright orange flower with a touch of cedarwood and musk.

13Maison Margiela Replica Music Festival, $126

Credit: Sephora

Music Festival season is just around the corner, so why not get prepped with a fragrance inspired by the warm and spicy scents of bodies co-mingling in the outdoors. With notes of cannabis accord, patchouli essence, and leather accord, you’ll get that lusty, rich, carefree feeling before you even step foot in Indio.

14Hermés Twilly d’Hermés, $100

Credit: Sephora

This powdery, floral scent is women with bold ginger and sensual tuberose, making it spicy, floral, and oriental all at once. You’ll love how this iconic scent dries down, and the bottle will look gorgeous on your vanity.

15Le Labo Jasmin 17, $184

Credit: Le Labo

This is about as natural and pure a jasmine scent as you can get. It’s a modern take on the heavy white florals of old, keeping the femininity and sensuality and adding a touch of musk, sandalwood, and vanilla to add a bit of richness.

16Byredo Gypsy Water, $230

Credit: Byredo

This iconic (though problematically-named) Byredo scent is by no means new on the scene, but it does capture that hopeful, colorful essence of the changing season and awakening of nature. Bergamot, juniper berries, pepper, incense, orrice, pine needle, amber, sandalwood, and vanilla wrap you up in the smell of fresh soil, deep forests, and campfires.

17Scentbird, $14.95

Not ready to commit? Scentbird’s monthly subscription box will keep you flush with new perfumes from some of the most exciting, popular brands around.

Are you going to splurge on a signature spring scent?