Kit Steinkellner
January 06, 2015 6:05 am

Instagram’s dude of the moment is Mina Gerges, a 20-year-old media student at Canada’s Western University who has, for the past six months, been snapping and Instagram-ing self-portraits that recreate famous pop-diva shots. While these ladies spend a boatload to get styled and photographed, Gerges is running a no-budget operation, using whatever he has on hand to diva-fy himself.

While Gerges is definitely having fun with the Instagram impersonations, he’s not JUST doing them for fun. He explained to Buzzfeed that he hopes his social media art project will allow “people to see overexposed celebrities in a new light, highlighting the photoshop extremes of some celeb pictures,” which, in turn, promote an unhealthy body image.”

Here are some of his looks.

Here he is as Ri-Ri:

Nicki Minaj: 

Katy Perry:

Miley Cyrus: 


Lady Gaga: 

And the queen herself: 

The shots take about two hours to set up and execute (RESPECT).

His project also proves that sometimes the best way to skewer a societal problem is not just to MAKE fun of it but to HAVE fun with it. And believe us, it is SO much fun to see someone probing gender and body image issues in an accessible (and downright funny) way.

We’re not the only ones obsessed with Gerges’ account. As of this writing, the Instagram king is closing in on 38,000 followers.

If you’re like, “Yes, I want to follow this dude on Insta right now please,” his handle is @keepingupwithmina. Enjoy.