I would like everyone to know that this morning, I woke up with a zit the size of a tennis ball in the middle of my forehead. After polishing off half of a large pizza for dinner the night before, I felt downright disgusting. I scowled at my dresses for being too tight and unforgiving, before squeezing on some boyfriend jeans in defeat.

We all have these days, don’t we? We look at ourselves in the bathroom mirror and become so distressed by what we see, we consider skipping school or calling out of work so we can stay home in the safety of our comforters and sweatpants. But you know what? Everyone has felt unhappy with their looks at one point or another, even the celebrities we think of as flawless. We can all find something unsatisfying about our appearance because we are truly our own worst critics.

If you need to rock the sweatpants today to feel comfortable, do it. Wear the shoddiest t-shirt you own. Go crazy. But know this: all of us have felt ugly or disappointed with how we look at some point or another. If you’re still feeling those terrible beauty blues, here are some quotes by some of our favorite ladies that are bound to make you feel awesome (because you are, obviously).

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