Hi Readers, I wanted to introduce you to another member of the New Girls glam squad. Nicki Alkire, A native Colorado girl who loves doing hair more then anyone I know! And when lunch time comes around, she put the brush down in exchange for a mic to sing her lungs out with some of the boys on the crew. Nicki has been the magic behind Jessica Day’s endless locks this season (including last night’s episode, obvs).

Nicki says it’s not magic, but I don’t believe her. First of all, she doesn’t use hair extensions! And secondly, she isn’t re-curling her hair half way through our 14 hour day.

When asked about it she blames three things:

Listed in order

# 1 The Top Styler

# 2 Enjoy Thermal Spray

# 3 Zooey was born with the perfect hair

Then she got more specific. Here’s how Nicki says she gets Jess’ all-day curls:

I start on wet hair, then spray Oribe royal blowout spray,

I then apply Oribe Supershine light moisturizing cream to the mid-shaft and the ends and quickly power-dry.

I use a round brush to give her bangs a slight bend.

Once Zooey’s hair is completely dry, I work my way up, spraying each section with the Enjoy Thermal Spray,

I then brush it out so it doesn’t get crunchy.

Starting at the nape of her neck, I wrap small sections around my fingers and place it in the topstyler heated clips.

After I’ve wrapped the whole head, (excluding bangs), I let them cool for about 5 minutes and then pull the clips out. After that, I tease the crown with a tease brush, first, sprinkling Kevin Murphy Powder Puff Volumizing Powder.

Then I smooth it all out with a Mason Pearson brush, do a quick spray of Oribe superfine hairspray and voila! The Jessica Day hairdo!

Thanks Nicki! Enjoy your hair!

Xo Jorjee