Lisa Marie Basile
Updated January 20, 2017 10:07 am
Yasaman Gheidi /

Makeup can be fun and gorgeous, sure, but it can also be an inspiring and impactful art form. With the #InsideOutChallenge, created by Canadian Yasaman Gheidi, we’ve got the latter.

There is such a growing and necessary focus on self-care, and Gheidi uses makeup to speak to that — by creating looks that mirror what she feels on the inside. And the #InsideOutChallenge pushes others to do the same.

And she’s right — mental illness issues are often swept under the rug due to feelings of internalized shame, fear, and isolation. While people from all walks of life suffer from mental illness, it’s still not commonplace to admit our feelings about it nor the consequences we face because of it. Which is why every public effort to remove the associated stigma is so important.

Whether it’s a celebrity going on the books to talk about their mental illness issues (like the amazing Kirsten Bell), a fashion line pushing for more awareness, or Gheidi’s brilliantly raw makeup challenge, it all matters.

And it matters to a lot of people.