Credit: Instagram / Dose of Colors

Have you ever found yourself longingly staring through the glass of an ice cream case, mesmerized by the delicious array of colors? To top it off, have you ever found yourself wishing you could scoop those colors out of the case and apply them to your face as cosmetics? If so, you’re in luck! The company Dose of Colors is releasing an ice-cream inspired eyeshadow palette and it looks just as appetizing as it sounds!

Appropriately named the Eyescream Palette, Dose of Color’s mouth-watering end of summer line includes glittering renditions of all the best ice cream flavors including: Mint Chip, Sherbert, Double Scoop, Lavender Honey, Blueberry Swirl, Hot Fudge, and Bubblegum — all of which can be purchased for $50 as of today. You can legitimately get in on the ground floor of this cosmetic ice cream factory and emerge covered in sparkles.

Now we can all become the sparkling ice cream cone we want to see in the world, melting underneath the cruel heat of the sun as we emanate the true nature of dessert — relaxation.

Truly though, for anyone who finds aesthetic pleasure in sweet, fruity shades of pearlescent blue or chocolate matte browns, this palette is your personal cosmetic Neapolitan bar that will enable you to be your very own ice-cream man, but for your face.

Credit: Simpsons World/Giphy

Also, for those of us who can get down with a technicolor eyeshadow, but have suffered the cruel tribulation of lactose intolerance, this Eyescream palette can serve as a mediator between what our stomach and face desires. So in a sense, not only is Dose of Colors offering a pretty dessert-inspired cosmetic spread, but they’re offering a window back to the world of dairy that so many of us long for.

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