Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated Mar 15, 2017 @ 9:58 am
Credit: Felissimo

Is there a way to bottle up the feeling of kissing your kitten’s little cold nose and take it with you? Just asking for a friend. But also I have the answer, so yay, lucky lucky you! Rocketnews24 recently alerted us that Japanese lifestyle brand Felissimo offers a “kitten milk” lip gloss, a milky-scented gloss that’s literally designed to mimic kissing a kitten’s nose. You apply the gloss with a cooling rollerball, and voila! Instant kitty kisses. The description for Hin-Yari Ohana lip gloss actually reads, “It’s like I’ve just kissed a cat’s nose — a pleasantly cool nose.” Have you melted into a puddle yet?

The product is not only ridiculously adorable, but it’s also moisturizing and pretty. Made with Shea butter and hyaluronic acid, the lipgloss comes in three different shades: pink, orange, and peach.

Credit: Felissimo
Credit: Felissimo

The only downside? Hin-Yari Ohana lipgloss is only available to purchase (for 1,300 yen or about $11) if you live in Japan. Womp, womp. I know. Should we start a Kickstarter to bring kitten milk lip gloss to the U.S.? Who’s with me?

Felissimo offers other darling kitty beauty products, including their Cat Paw Smell hand cream. After conducting a Very Important Survey, the company discovered most people think kittens’ paws smell like popcorn, so the cream has a subtle, cooked corn smell. Made with hyaluronic acid and collagen, Cat Paw Smell hand cream promises to make your hands soft like kitten paw pads — it also comes in a variety of colors, including “Red Mung Bean,” “Orange,” and “Grey.” While this cream is about ten bucks, it too can only be purchased in Japan!

Credit: Felissimo

Also: These cat tongue oil absorbing sheets. Enough said.

Credit: Felissimo

This is a good enough excuse to book a ticket to Japan, right?