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12 Fun, New Ways to Wear Headbands

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When it comes to styling your hair, there's a fine line between fun and tedious. We love playing with different braids and blowout styles, but in a pinch for time, it can also cause a little stress. Thankfully, we can always turn to the OG quick solution: a headband. Available in so many styles, materials, and textures, you can find a headband for every outfit and occasion.

If you've ever asked yourself how to wear a headband in a way that isn't totally basic, or you have a few and want to try fun, new ways to style this accessory, we pulled together 12 ideas from Instagram we think are super cute. From updos to pixie haircuts and long waves, consider this your ultimate how-to guide.

1. How to wear a headband with a ponytail:

Wearing a headband with a ponytail is an easy and cute way to keep your hair tucked away and bring attention to your face. You can opt for a low or high pony, depending on your preference, and pop on a detailed headband to tie your whole look together.

Rope Headband
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2. How to wear a headband with a messy bun:

Don't underestimate the power of the messy bun. From lounging around at home to a first date, you can make this classic hairstyle work for any event. On those days you want it to feel a little more dressed up, just throw on a headband and voilà—you're set.

Shashi Lilith Headband
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3. How to wear a sporty headband:

If your wardrobe consists of strictly athleisure, you'll be happy to know that sporty, stretchy headbands are trending. Not only are they functional for keeping the sweat off of your face, but celebrities, such as Hailey Bieber, prove that you can dress them up, too.

Nike Swoosh Headband
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4. How to wear a headband with a half-up, half-down hairstyle:

Something about this hairstyle makes us feel like royalty, especially when we throw on a rhinestone-studded headband. You get the best of both worlds by keeping a portion of your hair out of the way and letting the rest flow freely.

Ettika Rhinestone Headband
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5. How to wear a headband with a sleek low bun:

A sleek, low bun is always a reliable choice. Whether you're going on a job interview or need to keep your hair safe from the summer humidity, you'll always look polished and put-together.

Embellished Knotted Headband
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6. How to wear a headscarf as a headband:

A headscarf or bandana is probably one of the most versatile hair accessories. There are multiple ways to style it, such as turning it into a twisted headband, wearing it across your forehead, or as a cap when you want to cover greasy roots.

Glamorous Exclusive Headscarf in Printed Satin
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7. How to wear a jersey headband:

Like most '90s and '00s trends, jersey headbands are back—and we're not mad about it. Whether you're doing a high ponytail or leaving your hair out, it's a cute addition to any hairstyle and looks so laidback. For the ultimate '90s-inspired look, place the stretchy headband over your hairline.

Scunci Headband Pack
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8. How to wear a headband with a pixie cut:

Headbands make styling short hair easy and fun, no matter your pixie style. Don't be afraid to go with a standout piece, either. The more jewels and colors, the better.

Super Smalls Embellished Headband Set
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9. How to wear a headband with a top knot:

Add something extra to your top knot by throwing on a headband. You can opt for a jersey headband that wraps around your head or one with more textures and prints to add a little pop to your outfit.

Textile Twist-Front Headband
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Old Navy

10. How to wear a headband with a middle part:

While we stand neutral on the whole side part vs. middle part debate, we do think a middle part paired with a headband is especially adorable.

Thick Scrunch Headband
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Club Monaco

11. How to wear a padded headband:

If your fashion motto is "go bold or go home," you'll love a padded headband. This style comes in so many different materials, patterns, and designs; and brings all of the drama in the best way.

Mini Molly Headband
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Free People

12. How to wear a pearl headband with beachy waves:

Pearl headbands can make any hairstyle look luxurious. Whether you wear one or layer them, you can't go wrong with this hair accessory.

L. Erickson Pearly Headbands
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Neiman Marcus