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how to remove eyelash extensions at home
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If you got eyelash extensions before going into self-quarantine due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and are wondering how to remove them, don’t worry—it’s doable. While removal is typically done by a professional at a salon using special tweezers and pro tools, it’s totally possible to make it happen at home. But if you go that route, you’re going to have to opt for a much more natural approach.

To answer all your at-home eyelash removing questions, we spoke to Yris Palmer, the owner of Star Lash studios and Star Lash extensions. Below, she shares her expert insight and answers all your most pressing questions.

How do I remove eyelash extensions at home?

Since you might end up pulling out your natural lashes if you try to remove extensions yourself, Palmer endorses a more natural alternative: “You could sit in a hot tub and the steam will break down the eyelash glue.” To get more targeted steam, you could also use a facial steamer to speed up the process. Just whatever you do, don’t place your face over a pot of boiling water since that could lead to an accident.

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Can I use oil to remove eyelash extensions?

Nope. “This is one of the biggest misconceptions—that people can use oil to safely remove eyelash extensions,” says Palmer. “People just start pinching their extensions and then their all-natural lashes come off.” No bueno.

What are other mistakes I might make when trying to remove my eyelash extensions?

If you’re waiting for your extensions to fall out but don’t like the way you look without a full set of lashes, the worst thing you can do is use a whole lash strip.”If you put a whole strip on top of your remaining lash extensions, then you’re going to mess up whatever you have left when you remove the whole strip,” explains Palmer. Instead, you can apply individuals, or those small eyelash clusters, to fill in the empty areas.

What else can I do to remove eyelash extensions?

You can wait for nature and time to do its job. “When our lashes grow, they naturally push out the extension, so it’ll naturally fall out,” says Palmer.