You Need to Clean Your Eyelashes, and Here’s How to Do It

Experts share how to properly clean falsies and lash extensions to extend their wear.

Long, fluffy lashes that can instantly boost your confidence. Whether you invest in a lash growth serum to make your natural lashes longer, prefer a lengthening mascara, eyelash extensions, or are skilled enough to apply falsies, they can transform any makeup look. We’re leaning into bold makeup this summer, so we’re doing anything to make our lashes the cherry on top of our makeup.

If you prefer to wear falsies or eyelash extensions, cleaning them is necessary to maintain their health, length, volume, and shape. However, cleaning your lashes takes specific types of products and techniques to avoid any irritation in the eyes. Ahead, learn the best way to clean your lashes, according to professional makeup artists.

How to clean false eyelashes:

The amount of false eyelashes available at the drugstore is undeniable, but instead of splurging on buying them over and over again, save your money and reuse the pair you already have. Of course, this has to be done the correct way to extend their wear and protect your eyes.

“False lashes can hold dirt and bacteria that can cause eye infections if not cleaned properly,” explains celebrity makeup artist and cosmetologist Lauren D’Amelio. Follow these steps to clean your falsies.

1. Remove residue.

“When you take off your false lashes, use your fingers or a tweezer to remove remaining glue from its band and use a Q-tip, or a clean mascara wand, to remove any other residue from the lash,” says D’Amelio. She also recommends cleaning your falsies immediately after every use to maximize wear.

In addition, celebrity makeup artist Cara Lovello recommends using an oil-free makeup remover to loosen up any leftover makeup or glue residue. “Avoid getting the actual lashes wet so they don’t lose their shape,” she furthers. 


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2. Dry them.

If your lashes do get wet in the cleaning process, carefully dry them using a paper towel or microfiber towel. Traditional cotton towels tend to shed and can get stuck in your lashes, which is why microfiber is a safer material. Gently wipe them down without applying too much pressure so they don’t lose their shape.

3. Store them properly.

After you’ve cleaned your falsies, D’Amelio recommends placing them back in their original packaging so they don’t collect dust or bacteria.

How to clean eyelash extensions:

To upkeep your lash extensions, follow these easy tips:

1. Avoid certain eye makeup products.

It’s best to avoid wearing mascara or eyeliner with lash extensions, especially waterproof formulas. “Don’t apply waterproof products to lash extensions as they are hard to remove and can cause damage to the lash extensions or natural lashes when trying to remove the product,” says D’Amelio. Additionally, she recommends avoiding oil-based eye products as they can dissolve the bonding agent in your lashes.

2. Use lash shampoo.

“Clean your lashes every other day with a lash shampoo to avoid dust, dirt, and makeup residue from causing an infection,” says Lovello. Opt for an oil-free formula, such as the BeautyGARDE Oil-Free Lash + Brow Shampoo.


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3. Follow up with lash care.

Once your lashes are all clean, use a protective sealer to prevent natural oils from damaging the bond between your natural lashes and extensions. Plus, applying a sealer will help extend the wear of your extensions.


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Why it is necessary to clean eyelashes:

Cleaning your eyelashes can prevent eye infections typically caused by a lack of cleanliness or bacteria build-up. It also allows you to get the most bang for your buck as they will last you longer. “Cleaning your lash extensions prolongs the amount of time the glue holds between visits,” confirms Lovello, adding that cleaning your falsies allows you to wear them again and again. Consider it a win-win.