Trilby Beresford
Updated Feb 28, 2017 @ 3:55 pm
manicure at home
Credit: Jenny Claire Fox /

Perfecting the at-home manicure is truly the eternal struggle. We want to save money by not indulging in regular manis, but it just never looks as good when we do it ourselves.

But we stumbled upon a nail tutorial from beauty vlogger Jenny Claire Fox, and it contains a super simple tip that makes a HUGE difference when doing your nails at home. Because we’ve all been there: That moment when you just spent 45-minutes painting your nails only to realize they look totally janky, and you remove it all in a frustrated rage (just us? No way).

This video is just a few minutes long, and is TOTALLY worth a watch.

This is such an obvious sounding no-no, yet we’ve made the mistake of doing it a thousand times: Don’t paint your entire nail bed and never paint your cuticle region. “What you actually want to do, is leave a little bit of your nails showing. Don’t be scared by that, no one is actually going to see the parts that you haven’t painted,” Fox explains in the video.

If you’re looking for more nail polish tips (including cool nail art), as well as five minute makeup tutorials, Fox’s YouTube channel is the way to go. Likewise, her Insta account is full of nail inspo, and we’re especially crushing on these playful sparkly and pale pink shades.

Thanks for the tips, Jenny. Better at-home manicures, here we come!