Valley Girl Hidden Ranch
Credit: Courtesy of Hidden Valley

Those of us that are particularly susceptible to pranks will be spending the next few days on edge as April Fool’s Day creeps ever closer. Luckily, pranks are meant to be enjoyed by all, and if you’re a beauty lover who happens to also enjoy the wonders of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, then you’ll love their hilarious and creative prank.

In a nod to all the beauty collaborations currently on the scene, Hidden Valley is pranking us with their very own Valley Girl Cosmetics line featuring all your fave must-have products. If only this were real! Given that a bottle of diamond-encrusted Hidden Valley Ranch currently exists and beauty brands collaborate with unexpected partners on a daily basis (like Innisfree and Snoopy), it’s actually not too much of a stretch.

Hidden Valley’s hilarious fictional beauty brand would truly be a game-changer as the only beauty line that tastes and smells like your favorite condiment. Sure, Too Faced has peach-scented products, but does it really get any more comforting than ranch? It’s like going home again, whether you prefer it on your pizza or on your salad.

Would those of you who are Hidden Valley Ranch fanatics actually want a line of Valley Girl Cosmetics?

Valley Girl Hidden Ranch
Credit: Courtesy of Hidden Valley

It doesn’t look too bad if we’re being honest.

Want to take a closer look at this April Fools’ prank? The detail is not to be believed and the shade names are hilariously funny.


Credit: Courtesy of Hidden Valley

Talk about pun-tastic, these lipsticks are named: Sriracha-Cha, Sweet Chili O Mine, and Buffa-lo Key.


Credit: Courtesy of Hidden Valley

In a shade called Original Ranch Gloss, we could envision ourselves licking our chomps all night long if this were real.

Eyeshadow Palette

Credit: Courtesy of Hidden Valley

The palette is called Valley Girl Shade and has six shades (including Bae-con and Uh Huh Honey BBQ), all speckled with seasoning.


Credit: Courtesy of Hidden Valley

The Valley Girl Glow Up Highlighter threatens to give you a “post-Thanksgiving glow.”

If only Hidden Valley would make our dreams come true and make it a reality. But alas, for now, we’ll just have to have a good chuckle about it.