Stephanie Hallett
March 02, 2017 2:18 pm

It’s not every day that you discover your favorite beauty product has a secret. So when Cosmo writer Laura Capon uncovered a hidden feature on Vera Wang’s classic “Princess” perfume bottle, we were celebrating.

Capon writes that while she’s been wearing “Princess” for years — which, growing up, made her feel “like a real-life Disney Princess every time I looked at it on my dressing table” — she never realized that the bottle’s iconic crown cap actually splits in two to reveal… a ring!

That’s right, Vera Wang has been hiding a super cute piece of jewelry in her perfume for years now, and we, like Capon, had no idea. In her Cosmo post, Capon shows herself wearing the bottom part of the cap as a ring; it almost looks like it could be a wedding band.

And, incredibly, a little additional research has shown that not only is that flat band a ring, the crown at the top of the bottle is, too!

Is this not blowing your mind?

It’s true: You not only get a deliciously fruity perfume when you purchase “Princess,” you also get two blinged-out pieces of costume jewelry. (Talk about a shopping score.)

The rings are so popular, in fact, that women have begun to sell them online separately from the perfume. We found one listing on Poshmark hawking the gold ring for $6.


“This ring came with one of my Vera Wang perfumes and I never really got around to wearing it,” writes the seller. “No trades, no returns. All sales are final.” Well, OKAY then!

Who knew these hidden treasures were in such high demand?