Bren Lee
Updated Apr 21, 2016 @ 1:22 pm
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It’s no secret that we’re die-hard Sephora lovers. In fact, Sephora is basically our version of Disneyland. All the colors! All the perfumes! It’s really easy to get carried away though, because all those gorgeously-packaged must-have limited edition eye shadow palettes can add up really quickly. That’s on top of the products we restock regularly and actually need or use on a day-to-day basis, like dry shampoo and concealer. So believe us when we say we know how ridiculously easy to spend $100 in Sephora on like, 3 products. Our wallets definitely don’t love Sephora as much as we do, but we’ve found a solution.

There’s a new Chrome browser extension called Honey, and it’s about to make shopping online at Sephora a whole lot sweeter.

Credit: HelloGiggles/Honey

You simply download and add it to your browser. Hit up as usual and add way too many items to your cart, as usual. While you shop, Honey will be hard at work. The icon will turn orange and a number will pop up.

Credit: HelloGiggles

That number is the amount of currently valid coupon codes available at the time that you are shopping. Honey will also display codes that were available in the last few days.

Credit: HelloGiggles/Honey

Once you get ready to checkout, a quick click of a button will have Honey input any sales codes that apply to your purchases. That’s it. Super easy, right? It’s definitely much easier than trying to pick your next lipstick shade.