henna contouring

When it comes to your morning (or evening or whenever) makeup routine, there are a lot of options out there. We’re not just talking about the thousands of products that line the beauty aisles, but also about the multitude of creative ways to apply them. Right now, foundation is having its day as contouring trends sweep the great Internet.

If you’re like me, a quick swipe of CC cream (with SPF!), some bronzer is all you need, but then there are the Olympic sports of contouring, which includes Kim Kardiashian’s kontouring extravaganza and of course, the even crazier #ClownContour.

But now, thanks to Pakistani beauty blogger and henna artist Sahur Saleim, we have henna contouring, a lovely, intricate take on facial shaping, Marie Claire reports.

And don’t worry – Saleim didn’t use demi-permanent henna on her face. Instead, she used a precision brush and drew traditional henna designs with foundation and concealer. The result is fascinating. The beauty blogger was actually inspired by the viral success of clown contouring, and tells Marie Claire that a friend asked her to put her own unique spin on the trend. “I practice henna and I have a pretty good understanding of patterns and how to pair them so they look fluid and can fit into certain spaces and end at a certain spot,” she told the magazine. For those wishing to try out the look for themselves, it’ll likely take lots and lots of practice. We take that back. You might not leave your bathroom for hours. But once you get the hang of drawing the swirls, the key is using a beauty blender to create a fluid look.

While we think this is a truly beautiful take on extreme contouring, it’s not exactly something that’s do-able for every day. But hey, for special occasions, we’d give this one o a try.