kylie lip kit
Credit: Instagram / Kylie Cosmetics

If you’ve ever tried to buy a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit and were met with a cruel “SOLD OUT” message, you know just how important it is not to miss the next restock. You set alarms, calendar alerts, singing telegrams—anything you think would help you get that Kylie cosmetic product of your dreams. One superfan went above and beyond when it came to her alert system. She used a pregnancy app.

While using a pregnancy app to track a freakin’ Kylie Lip Kit might seem a tad extra at first, it’s actually pretty genius. As Teen Vogue reports, Twitter user @8Tonikaa posted an image of Kylie’s birthday collection, which displayed a countdown showing exactly when the set would be restocked.

On the top of the photo you could see that the screenshot was from a pregnancy app she was using. Seems like a pretty smart way to keep you glued to the clock, IMHO.

Sadly, it looks like even with all her preparation, @8Tonikaa didn’t score any of her coveted items.

Oh no! We still might cop her idea and use a countdown for the next restock of Rihanna’s furry Puma slides…