Devan McGuinness
Updated Aug 31, 2016 @ 2:09 pm
Credit: YouTube/Helen Anderson

One of the best things about growing up and getting older is evolving and perfecting yourself – whether that be the way you look at your body or how you do your makeup, we all learn along the way.

Even the women and men who seem to do no wrong (aka beauty bloggers and gurus) when it comes to makeup application started from somewhere and have picked up their signature fleek skills along the way.

No one starts with perfectly even eyeliner, flawless eye shadow blends and knowing where and when to use glitter on your face.

And the best beauty bloggers are proving just how far they’ve come in the latest hilarious beauty challenge that has them all recreating the way they applied their makeup in high school and it’s giving us wayback flashback laughter.

Mayra from Mayra’s Touch of Glam

We’re used to seeing her pull off the most glamorous neutral shades and eyeliner skills that dreams are made of, but she rocked a different look in high school.


Kathleen Lights

Kathleen is queen of knowing how much highlighter and when glitter is appropriate for our face, but she didn’t always start off being so bold with her looks.


Helen Anderson

The makeup guru wows us with her colorful makeup creations and fun style, but we’ve learned she worked something totally different as a teenager.


Iris Beilin

Iris has the ability to make any look work for her and we’re obsessed. Whether she’s going for bold colors or a more subdue palate she makes it look so easy. But before she was more confident with makeup, she stuck to one look.


Raye Boyce from Its My Raye Raye

Raye has a real talent for brows, contouring and knowing just how much color to add into one look to make her features pop, but she used to be a lot less subtle about it.


Would you be brave enough to share your high school beauty look?