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As you may have noticed, “100-layers of makeup” videos have totally been taking over the internet lately. Why? Because they’re goofy and hilarious and, for some strange reason, it’s weirdly satisfying to watch somebody else layer on WAY too much product. I can’t explain the fascination, but still, we all keep watching. So far, several beauty vloggers have participated in the “100 Layers Challenge,” putting on 100 layers of everything from Kylie Jenner’s liquid lipstick to foundation to mascara. Everybody’s fave internet comedienne Jenna Marbles even got in on the 100 Layers LOLs, hilariously combining ALL the videos by layering on 100 fake eyelashes, 100 layers of foundation, and 100 layers of nail polish, among other things. Now, Glamour is taking on the challenge — using highlighter.

Weirdly enough, 100 layers of highlighter isn’t actually as crazy as you might imagine.

When I first heard “100 layers of highlighter,” I was thinking that the end result would have the layerer looking like some kind of shiny chrome robot. Specifically, Data from Star Trek: TNG.

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That wasn’t the case.

Julianne Carell, the associate digital beauty editor at Glamour and a self-professed highlighter addict, used Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop for the challenge.

I feel like you can barely tell she has anything on, right?

In her write-up of the beauty challenge, Julianne noted that, while she was “desperate to blend” the highlighter when it was getting super cakey AF at layer 75, 100 layers of the shimmery product didn’t look all that bad. She didn’t wind up all that shiny, either. So much for my shiny chrome robot theory.

This probably has to do with the fact that, as Julianne said, the Champagne Pop product has a very fine texture, so each layer swipe wasn’t dispensing all that much product onto her face.

Overall, post-100 layers of highlighter, Julianna just looks like she’s living in an Instagram filter, telling the bystanders watching her take the challenge that “this is what Instagram makeup is, for sure.” Not a terrible or crazy result — unlike the goofy and ridiculous foundation and liquid lip stick challenges. This 100 layers vid just proves that a little highlighter can go a long way… and a lot of highlighter can go a long way in making you look like you perpetually exist in Toaster filter.

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