Claire Beaudreault
Updated October 26, 2018 1:39 pm

This Halloween, you have 10 tiny opportunities to show off your spooky spirit. The Instagram search for “#halloweennails” yields nearly half a million results, so there’s no shortage of inspiration. Cute or gross, classic or creepy, the nail art pics do not disappoint. Whether you like your nails nine-inch or coffin-shaped, there’s sure to be a look you’ll dig.

Get inspired with a roundup of some of this year’s hottest Halloween nail looks. From simple spider web nails to witchythemed designs, to intricate Silence of the Lambs-inspired claws, there’s a little something for everyone. Take a look at our faves below.


Black, white, and clear is all you need for a cute but spooky look.

Like a black widow, baby.

Gems form the foundation for these 3-D spiders.

Let’s play a game.

We ~saw~ these on Insta and knew we had to include them.


Layer on a glow topcoat for the ultimate trick-or-treat light, and make your mani midnight-ready.

Hello, Clarice.

These nails go great with fava beans and a nice chianti.

Needing stitches.

Frankenstein’s monster and bride are looking more cute than scary on these sparkly tips.

Graveyard smash.

A subtle hint of gravestone marble with a fierce French maid flair.

Finger fangs.

Who needs fangs when you can have claws like these?

Black and fright.

This artist only needed two colors to achieve this striking set.


Raven claws perfect for rapping at chamber doors.

Moon digits.

Witchy inscriptions on an elegant glitter and negative space combo.

Spidey sense.

A classic black French (with a twist) is perfect for the season.[/header]

Witch fingers.

Witch fingers on a real witch’s fingers.

Haunted mansion.

A striking paint job indeed.

Calavera accents.

Subtle skulls peekin’.

Sweet li’l pumpkins.

It doesn’t all have to be horrifying!


Black and grey silhouette of witches reminiscent of a classic movie.

Keep it simple.

A striking black matte/dark glitter combo.

Filigree from the grave.

Intricate gold-painted skulls over a translucent rinse of gray.

This IS Halloween.

You already know what it is.

Nightmare part two.

Jack Skellington again, this time on some cute matte and short nails.

Pumpkin orange.

Autumnal AF.

Cameo appearance.

These handpainted skull cameos are very impressive.

Matte illusion.

The old matte-and-gloss juxtaposition is always on point.

Who goes there?

Who knows what’s lurking in the dark…

(Coffin) nailed it!