I’ve sat in on classes for probably over 30 hair care companies to learn about their brand and products. And supposedly, what sets them apart from other lines. I’ve often felt frustrated as a hairdresser trying to learn the dozens of products in each line, and recognizing that a lot of them (especially when they are in a line that has several different pieces) are just a one-trick pony, perfect for very specific situations and hair types. I’m sure you’ve been just as frustrated using one or two products at a time, going through to try and find the perfect one for you and finding that the majority of them just end up failing and getting sent to your bathroom drawer forever. That’s why I’ve taken the five most popular hair types and textures I see in my chair and broken down the miracle product for each. Read on to find your new go-to all-in-one.

Your Hair Is: Straight And Sleek

You’ll probably want to maintain shine, smoothness, and health. Work with your texture by enhancing that sleek quality you were born with, but use a product that can add volume and a “done” quality to each hair strand. Try Fekkai’s Full Blown Styling Whip on damp hair before styling. This amazing product will not only give you extra fullness, but also lots of hold and texture so that you can leave your hair straight or add curl that lasts all night long. Because straight and sleek doesn’t have to mean “lifeless,” I would recommend using this everyday to get movement and shine.

Your Hair Is: Curly And Voluminous

You’ll want to keep your enviable mane tamed with plenty of moisture and hydration, while still keeping a weightless feel to each strand. Use Kevin.Murphy’s Young Again Oil on mid-strands to ends each time you style and you’ll be rocking bouncy, shiny, hydrated curls each time. You should only need about two pumps, but add more if necessary. This product not only has the ability to tame and smooth, but it has heat protection in case you’d like to blow-dry afterwards and restructure the curl. And because the entire Kevin.Murphy line is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, you can feel really good about knowing you have one of the purest products available on your strands.

Your Hair Is: Wavy And Undefined

Your main concern is giving definition to your waves and getting rid of that dreaded frizz that seems to pop up halfway through the day. Deva Curl Light Defining Gel is going to be your new go-to if you haven’t tried it yet! The whole line was created for various curl and wave types and various textures within those categories, so it literally has anything a wavy lady needs. The Light Defining Gel is great because it won’t weigh down your waves, but rather give you definition and enough weight to combat frizz. Because it dries in wet hair as touchable and workable, you don’t have to worry about crunchiness that can induce junior high flashbacks.

Your Hair Is: Very Fine And Thin

You are mostly concerned about adding body, fullness and thickness. The bigger the better, because you know halfway through the day, your locks will fall down flat again. Not with Neuma’s Styling Mousse! I used to use this as a staple when I was doing blow-outs on women who wanted their styles to last up to three or four days, and it worked like a charm! Use about three to four pumps starting at the root and working down to the ends when the hair is about 80% dry. Whether you just flip your head upside-down to blow-dry or actually go through with a round brush, you’ll still end up with a beautiful, natural volume and lift.

Your Hair Is: Very Coarse And Thick

It can be really hard just to tame thick hair, whether it’s curly or straight. I recommend Kevin.Murphy’s brand new product, Smooth Again. This treatment uses baobab seed oil to deliver shine and moisture. It is a serious antioxidant boost, rich in vitamins that can also improve your hair’s elasticity and regenerate your hair cells. Because it’s also a heat protectant, you can use it before blow-drying for added benefits. Use one pump of the lotion from mid-strands to ends and add more if necessary, but make sure to apply to towel-dried hair for maximum benefits. After drying, you’ll notice your hair has shine, bounce, and smoothness all day long. In my opinion, this is one of the only treatments on the market that I’ve seen truly work all day long while penetrating into the hair instead of simply coating the strands. Because it’s always best to use a product that works and delivers nutrients, this is your new fave.

And What To Do With All Those Unused Products: If you are one of the many women who has drawers and drawers full of extra hair products you haven’t used, there is a really great way you can give to someone in need and clean out your extra space! Most women’s shelters love receiving donations of hair, skin, and body care products that aren’t being used anymore. When I was doing hair for women living at a long-term facility, I would often bring leftover products I’d tried or extra products I’d received at a class and not used. Please take a few minutes to call around and find out the policies in your local shelter before just tossing all of those great products!