Devan McGuinness
Updated Aug 25, 2016 @ 5:31 pm
rachel haircut
Credit: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images / Instagram / Hailey Baldwin

If you’re someone who grew up in the late ‘90s, chances are at some point in your pre-teen years you begged your parents to take you to get “the Rachel” cut. You know, the one inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends that literally became its own iconic part of pop culture right up there with the long-running sitcom.

Credit: Giphy / NBC

Well, it’s been years since we’ve all said goodbye to the layered hairdo, but apparently it’s making a comeback, as all almost-retro things seem to do — thanks to Hailey Baldwin.

As we reported yesterday, the 19-year-old model and daughter of Stephen Baldwin debuted her throwback new ‘do and she KILLS it!

We’re getting serious flashbacks to the ’90s and the internet had a mini-meltdown after Baldwin shared her new lewk. She may be the one who’s putting some steam behind the comeback of one of the most popular hairstyles of all time, but she’s not the only one rocking the retro “Rachel.”

The layered hairstyle looks great with short dark hair with caramel highlights.

Still slays with lighter locks.

She’s working the “Classic Rachel” with longer hair and the layers perfectly frame her face.

And we’re so FEELING this red-hued longer take and seriously thinking of stealing the look.

Ladies and gents – the return of ‘90s trends show no signs of stopping. First, the choker became the “it” thing again and now “the Rachel” — it’s almost too much!

Credit: Giphy / NBC