Jessica Ellis
Updated Sep 17, 2016 @ 11:29 am
Credit: Instagram/ Hailey Baldwin

Armpit hair dye jobs, vajazzaling, scalp tattoos: there’s really no little bit of hair we can just seem to let be free of some kind of creative/painful beauty experimentation. Sure, everybody’s doing awesome things with grey ombre, and we are definitely loving the many expressions of unicorn hair out there, but beauty ain’t always pleasant, as Hailey Baldwin just reminded us.

The fabulous 19-year-old model shared an insta of a process that may be familiar to some of the more advanced “we’ll try anything” style mavens out there, and may elicit an “OMG NEVER” from the naturopaths: eyebrow bleaching.

Hailey, though gorgeous in any garb, tends to rock dark, full brows that are pretty fantastic.

But change is the life of a model, after all.

Yeowch! Even with her natural ability to smile through just about anything, Hailey doesn’t look like she’s having a super fun time here. Her caption definitely seems to suggest that this may not be her absolute favorite beauty process, reading:

@Kegrand is the handle for Katie Eleanor Grand, the editor-in-chief of Love Magazine, where Hailey has appeared several times. Think this must be prep for another shoot? We can’t wait to see Hailey and her new eyebrows in whatever photo spread Love cooks up.

What’s the craziest beauty move you’ve made?