Annie Walton Doyle
Updated Jan 05, 2017 @ 9:48 pm

I’m willing to bet most makeup lovers have something in their collection that they just haven’t quite got around to wearing yet. Something that was bought as a challenge or on a whim, or simply because they hadn’t ever seen anything quite like it. Because I’m an above-average makeupper, I have a few such items, but because I’m “brave” (read: don’t care), I’ll happily wear the majority of my mad makeup acquisitions. One thing I’ve never quite got around to working out though, comes in the form of the $6 ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in Marshmallow.

It’s described on their website as a “gray lavender,” but on me reads straight-up gray. I actually am not mad at the way it looks (I’m partial to a borderline dead look), but I’m just not sure of the occasion on which I’d wear it. When are gray lips acceptable wear? Answers below, please.

Credit: ColourPop

Like all of ColourPop’s Ultra Satin Lip collection, this $6 formula is the business. It’s opaque in a swipe, not too thick, but doesn’t get dry and peel-y while layering brilliantly.


It lasts a really long time and fades nicely and evenly, which got me thinking: If the formula is so good, surely it would make a great addition to other, more slippery lipsticks. Adding a hint of gray to their tone might result in the essence of corpse mouth I desire without having to go 100% living dead girl.

Here are the shades I used:

Credit: Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

From left: ColourPop’s Marshmallow, Milani’s Rose Femme, Maybelline’s Hot Plum, Revlon’s Fabulous Fig, and Catrice’s Apricot Cream.

And here are my findings!

Rose Femme from Milani Cosmetics, $7.29

Credit: Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

First I tried mixing with one of my favorite “nothing-y” lip colors, Rose Femme from Milani. It’s a sort of my-lips-but-darker shade, a deepish, cool mauve-y pink. It’s super gorgeous, but without top lasting power. Smushing a drop of Marshmallow over the top sets it into longevity while taking the coolness and purple tones up a notch.

Introducing: my lips but dead-er.

Credit: Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

Hot Plum by Maybelline, $5.99

Credit: Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

I also wanted to see how gray would pair with a more vibrant tone – in this case, Maybelline’s Hot Plum. It’s a bright, purple-y, pink color, which looks vibrant alone. When mixed with Marshmallow on the lips with a finger, the saturation is toned down, and the purple-ness comes out.

It’s almost like a muted bubblegum, and so bloody cute!

Credit: Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

Fabulous Fig by Revlon, $8.49

Credit: Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

Next I experimented with how a gray mixer would combine with a warmer tone, like Revlon’s Fabulous Fig. It’s a warm, brick-ish red brown with a matte finish. Combined with the gray, though, it becomes muted and even slightly pinkish.

Not totally cool-toned, but certainly more neutral.

Credit: Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

Beautifying Lip Smoother in Apricot Cream by Catrice, $2.49

Credit: Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

Lastly, I tried the grey mixed with a pale, nude-y gloss – this one was the Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother in Apricot Cream. Alone it gives a sheer, warm pink wash of shiny color, but mixing in a drop of the opaque gray made it a super unusual cool-toned, grayish pink. It felt shiny but certainly more grippy to the lips, enhancing stay time. I think this is such a cool and unique yet still subtle nude-ish lip.

Credit: Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

What do you think? Would you try using gray lipstick as an enhancer for your other shades?

Grab ColourPop’s Ultra Satin Lip in Marshmallow here.