Bronwyn Isaac
September 22, 2016 2:52 pm
Becca Cosmetics / Instagram

In order to show yourself off as the blushing Madonna you’ve always been (or choose to be for day), it’s crucial that you find the ideal spread of gentle cosmetic tints that will flatter your contours and allow the compliments to come rolling in. Luckily, Becca Cosmetics released a new blush palette and the three colors included are as delicious and diverse as your blushing needs!

Appropriately named the Blushed with Light Palette, the set includes the three very different (but equally pretty) shades: Wisteria, the crushed lavender color of your floral dreams; Songbird, a cinnamon brown ideal for warm fall tones; and Snapdragon, a vibrant classic pink blush.

All three colors in the palette flatter multiple skin tones and makeup moods!

The palette is available on the Becca Cosmetics website!

Becca Cosmetics

Buy it online for $34.

If you love the brand as much as we do, the Blushed with Light palette will serve as an ideal compliment to the Becca Cosmetics rose gold highlighter. And you don’t have to feel ethically compromised because Becca Cosmetics is cruelty-free!

This naturally gives us yet another shiny must-have on our back-to-school list.

The real question is, do you consider yourself more of a Songbird, a Snapdragon, or a gently flowering Wisteria?