Sarah Terry
August 05, 2016 10:32 am

We are obsessed in the new trend in hair color that is mermaid hair. What is mermaid hair, you ask? Well, it’s basically using a variety of sea-inspired colors to dye your hair and make you feel like Ariel or one of her sisters. We found some amazing examples that will give you serious hair envy, after you’re done gasping at how beautiful they are.

1. These oceanic waves make us want to go for a swim:

2. This braid would make even the rainbow fish jealous:

3. This magenta hue would definitely fit in among the coral:

4. We love how these blue-green accents make dark hair pop:

5. These red curls would give even a Disney princess hair envy:

6. Don’t worry, it’s not just a look for long hair:

7. This gorgeous look was inspired by some sort of underwater geode:

8. This fab mom is basking by the sea in her hair’s natural habitat:

9. It even looks good when it’s pulled up:

10. Just a few, streaks and we hear the deep sea calling:

11. And we love even just a peekaboo of mermaid:

BONUS: Here’s a gorgeous tutorial to rock those mermaid vibes in this chic pulled-back look: