Girl's shower hack keeps makeup looking flawless.
Credit: Tumblr /

In the makeup world, there are plenty of makeup hacks. Makeup hacks to keep your makeup on, makeup hacks to keep your makeup off, makeup hacks to keep the makeup you want on what you don’t off. While we appreciate any and all life cheats that make our makeup usage as easy as possible, there is one that has to take the cake. The best part? All it requires is a pair of swimming goggles. Thought up by Lauren (and first spotted by Buzzfeed), a brilliant 22-year-old artist, the hack came after she realized she wanted to wash her hair but didn’t want her makeup to get ruined. And it seems like we’re not the only ones who think this is brilliant; the post has racked up over 90,000 notes.

In a screenshot of Snapchats, we see Lauren with a pair of goggles with the caption “when u have to wash your hair but ur makeup is fly af.”

The next image is post-shower, with Lauren’s makeup absolutely perfect. The caption reads “I am a fucking innovator” and honestly we don’t disagree at all. The only downside? The red marks that goggles always leave. We like to think this is an even trade off though, those marks will go away, right?!

Honestly, we’re pretty shocked we’ve never done this!! Is this the key to makeup at the pool? Well, it depends on who you ask. While we’re pretty into the idea of being able to wear our cat eye everywhere, the red forehead marks may outweigh that decision. But either way, we love having this option and have Lauren to thank for being the most innovative.