Credit: Warner Bros.

Look down at your nails right now. Do they look like Stars Hollow? No? Well, do you want them to look like Stars Hollow?

If this is a dream of yours, it is now a reality. Nvr Enuff Polish has released a line of not one, but TWO different Gilmore Girls nail polishes. They will make your nails sparkle like a freshly poured cup of Luke’s Diner’s coffee. Because that sparkles, right? It does in our eyes.

Nvr Enuff Polish is made right here in the U. S. of A. in California, and even better than being Made in the USA, it’s a 5-free polish. That means, they’re made without carcinogens (like, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor). It’s free of all these dangerous chemicals, so you can wear it literally every day of your life (but still give your nails some time to breathe every now and then).

The two different collections include: Festival of Living Art, Town Meeting, Bracebridge Dinner, and Firelight Festival; and 24 Hour Dance-a-Thon, The Winter Carnival, Spring Fling Festival and End of Summer Madness Festival. They are so pretty and so sparkly we might have to wear a different color on every finger.

If these are a thing you need to own RIGHT NOW, you can order them off of Nvr Enuff Polish. Cross your fingers that the third set in this collection includes the Hay Bale Maze (because why not?), and the Knit-a-thon. Also maybe a deep brown coffee color. That sparkles, of course.