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You ever see something and just think, “Well, I can’t not buy that?” Especially beauty things that are just so incredibly appealing. When I stumbled upon this iMagic Flash Color Palette review on Reddit, I just had to have it in my makeup collection. This colorful palette has a nostalgic sense of your childhood paint box, combined with the exclusive feel that you’re are a real makeup artist.

Plus, it bears a striking resemblance to the $99 Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case, and it’s only $10.16 from Chinese eBay, which is a little bit dodgy but that’s the kind of life risk I’m alright with taking. Choose for yourself, though. Oh, and mine is cracked because I’m an oaf.

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It comes with twelve filled pans of industrial, theatrical strength grease paint. They’re highly, highly pigmented, easy to blend, and pretty long-lasting (although they do tend to crease a bit on the eyes).

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The color selection is cleverly picked, so you can use the shades to custom mix any color under the sun, I reckon. It genuinely brings me joy, and who knew the price of joy was a littler over $10?

This palette is seriously ideal if you were obsessed and utterly blown away by the makeup look on the Paco Rabanne Fashion Week runway this year.

The base for the two looks is exactly the same, but the two lip options really show how dramatic lipstick can change a whole face. Plus, I got to do some super fun mixing ‘n’ painting, so I’m thrilled.

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Look at those bold, bright colors?

Here’s the first look:

For my foundation, I kept it natural and dewy. I mixed my La Roche Posay Tinted SPF. $17.47 and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl, $41, in a pump to pump ratio. I’m obsessed with this combination at the moment — long lasting, natural looking, luminous coverage. What more could you want? It errs slightly on the side of greasy, which is the aim of my game, but if you’re afraid of it just fiddle with ratios.

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Eyebrows were naturally hairy, filled in with a matte grayish brown from the Viseart Neutral Matte palette, $80, and hairy-d up with the inimitable Surratt Brow Pomade, $25 (currently out of stock). Inner corners, cheekbones, nose bridge, forehead, mustache and temples were doused in the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Highlight, $12.99, in the shade Ice for even more shine.

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Eyes were done with little to no makeup. I used a small amount of mascara and a trusted bright liner in the waterline. The aim is that my no-makeup makeup look tricks people into thinking you’re just naturally pretty. Hair is slicked back. I did it with a bunch of greasy hair serum to make the day a sort of nice treat for my fried head.

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For the lips, I used the warm, peachy orange shade for the first look.

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The orangey lip was achieved via a mixture of the Coral hue and a hint of the Yellow shade, and a lip brush. I mixed the colors on the back of my hand, but I imagine a mixing palette of some kind would be extremely handy for not getting it all over yourself. The mixture was super comfortable to wear and seemed to have great longevity potential.

For the more “editorial” blue shade seen on the runway, I mixed about half and half of the Turquoise shade and the White hue. Adding white made this shade so incredibly vibrant.

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Here’s the second look:

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I think this white paint will be such a great mixer for making every other shade more pastel-neon. Again, this was super comfortable and long-lasting.

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Although I must admit I just applied a pink and blue combo that made a gorgeous purple stain. I wore that for the rest of the day.

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One palette, literally infinite (maybe, I’m a bit shady on the concept of infinity) lip options. And that isn’t even getting started on the potential for cream blush, contour, eye shadows, liners, and eyebrow gels. All from one little guy. The future’s bright, the future is … whatever color you could possibly conceive it to be.