Hello, readers!

Once again I’ve had the pleasure of working with the ever-lovely Zooey Deschanel. The best way to describe the inspiration for her makeup look last night was an updated high-fashion version of a 1965 Vogue magazine cover.

Get the look with Cargo cosmetics!

1. Let’s start with her skin prep: Sunblock mixed with moisturizer – I’ve been loving the John Masters Organics. Apply with a water misted sponge. Let that sit while you work on the eyes.

2. Eyes: Cover the lids with Cargo’s eye shadow in Windsor. Contour only the crease of the lids with Cargo shadow in color – Flint. Brush on black liquid liner on the top lash line and bottom with Cargo’s Texas Liner. Take the line straight out past the outer eyes Peggy Moffitt style, and fill in the rim of the lower lid with white liner. Now don’t be shy with the mascara!!

3. Skin: Cargo’s CC cream apply with a water misted sponge. Follow with concealer – set with a loose powder to lock in and buff the makeup out, giving a natural glow dust on the gold high lighted powder – Cargo water resistant bronzer makes an awesome choice.

4. Cheeks: Try Cargo’s Los Cabos- I feel like that will look great on most skin tones.

5. Lips: I love the lip color Sadona by Cargo.

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