Souzan Michael
Updated Jun 20, 2019 @ 2:22 pm
Jennifer Lopez
Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix, Getty Images

When it comes to lipstick, many of us think there are two real “classic” shades: ripe apple red and muted nude. The rest—like lilac, ’90s black, fuchsia, etc.—are trends that come and go depending on the season. But one bold, poppy color resurfaces year after year when the temperatures rise: orange lipstick. In fact, it’s become such a mainstay in our summer lip color wardrobe that we’re petitioning, here and now, to stop calling it a trend and take it for what it really is—a summer classic.

If you’re ready to make the leap (and by that we mean temporarily tuck away your brick red lipstick in favor of its Creamsicle-inspired cousin), have we got some inspo for you. Below are some of our favorite ways to wear orange lipstick this summer, courtesy of Instagram. From matte to glossy, pop of color to finishing touch on a full face, there are so many ways to wear this surprisingly versatile shade. Just read on.

How stunning is this bright, true-orange shade?

For a more subtle take on the look, gently tap the lipstick onto your lips instead of swiping it on.

A few coats of a tinted orange balm can go a long way.

Love this almost-neon take on orange lipstick.

Ultra-matte is a super chic and sophisticated way to wear orange.

Not ready to go full-on creamsicle? Try a burnt orange shade instead.

Amp up the color with lots and lots of gloss.

So striking, tbh.