fish eye pillow
Credit: AliaGraceDolls/

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There’s a lot of ways to unwind after a long day. Curling up with a good book, making a cup of tea, and watching some television come to mind. However kicking back and putting a fish on your face? That’s not really at the top of our list, it turns out! However, that might change thanks to this weird new product from Etsy! It’s an eye pillow, but it’s shaped like a full-on fish. It might sound weird, but hear us out! We weren’t so sure about it when we first heard the description, but it is actually pretty cool!

So hang in there, and let us introduce you to the weird wonderfulness that is the fish eye pillow!

First things first: The eye pillow is not made with a fish — It just looks like one!

Credit: AliaGraceDolls/

That’s a really important point that we felt like we had to get out there. The pillows do look exactly like fish, but that’s just because they’re totally beautiful and realistic looking. The fish are made with cotton, and are filled with lavender, so they definitely smell good. Also they can be warmed or cooled depending on what you need to relax after a long day!

Also you seriously cannot beat the description from Etsy shop owner AliaGraceDolls, who we now just want to invite one over to whisper nice soothing things into our ears:

Wow, when you put it that way we’re totally sold!

Ok, so now we get it. This is completely amazing and relaxing, and we are seriously so sorry we ever doubted you fish eye pillows! We didn’t know what we were saying! We can only hope that with time, and lots of relaxing nights lying down and chilling out you’ll come to forgive us.

The fish pillows are $36 each, and available on AliaGraceDolls’ Etsy store, so if you’re thinking about making a purchase (we know we are), that’s the place to do it.