Updated Oct 18, 2016 @ 2:10 pm
Credit: Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath’s launches are the Yeezy’s of the makeup world — they sell out, sites crash, and they’re resold on eBay at exorbitant prices, but you just keep coming back for more.

Start strategizing because after a whole lot of speculating, deductive reasoning, and Law & Order-level investigation, we finally got the deets on the next release from Pat McGrath Labs.

We had a hunch the next release would be something metallic. After all, she did give models on the Versace runway glittering tear ducts, and her IG feed is literally gilded at this point, so we thought we knew what to expect. Alas, much like a Law & Order episode, nothing was as it seemed.

Metalmorphosis 005 is Pat’s latest offering and quite possibly her best yet. It includes a second run of her first pigment Gold 001 and its “sisters” — copper, bronze, and silver in pigment and cream formulas.

There’s a two-sided liquid eyeliner with a precise applicator and a flat marker-like tip, and a bottle of Mehron Mixing Liquid to make every shade even more vibrant.

Credit: Pat McGrath

For $165 you can get all four pigments and creams, as well as the liner and mixing liquid.

Credit: Pat McGrath

For $60 you can get a pigment, cream, liner, and liquid, and for $24, you can get the liner on its own.

Metalmorphosis drops November 15th on PatMcGrathLabs.com, select Sephora stores, and on Sephora.com. Who’s shopping?