Olivia Harvey
March 23, 2017 11:11 am
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Do you know your face shape? Perhaps your hairdresser once threw the word “square” at you in regards to your face when discussing a possible new ‘do. Or maybe the makeup artist at your sister’s wedding said she added more arch to your brow to flatter your “diamond” face. Well the time is nigh to figure out what exactly your face shape is and what that means for you going forth.

First thing’s first — how does one figure out one’s face shape? There are a few different methods you can use to figure this out. YouTuber RoxyBeauty23 explains how to use a mathematical method to find your shape. And don’t freak. The math method sounds scarier than it is.

If you’re not in the mood to get mathematical, then this next method might work better for you. This video from NewBeauty Magazine on YouTube explains how you can trace the outline of your face onto your mirror and determine the shape from there.

Now that you’re feeling confident in your geometry, let’s see what we can do to make our natural features shine. Here are some beauty tips and tricks you can use to enhance that newfound shape and get the most out of what your mama gave you.


When you have a round face, the width of your cheeks, forehead and jaw are pretty much the same. If you’re looking to highlight your cheekbones, pixie cuts are the way to go. Add texture to your pixie to create volume and height to elongate the face. You can also pull off long layered cuts with face-framing pieces, like side-swept bangs. If you wish to show off your round shape, a bob will do just that!

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According to brow specialist Jo-Anna Lynn, brows with high arches look great on round faces. But as you can see with Emma Stone, soft natural brows on the thicker side work great, too. As for makeup, highlight and contour the cheeks to add in soft angles, and apply blush from the apples of the cheeks to the temple.


Angular jaw lines like yours are not common, so embrace the beauty you’ve been given! Long wavy layers will soften the line of your jaw, as will chin-length bobs. But if you love your strong jaw, try your hand at blunt bangs or a shoulder-length or all-one-length cut. Both styles will add more angles to your face to bring out the ones you were naturally given.

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Lynn suggests keeping your brow arch strong, like Keira Knightley’s, and go darker with your color when filling in. This thicker “statement” brow will mirror your jaw and bring balance to your face. You can soften the line of your jaw with light contouring. Highlight the cheekbones, temples, and brow bone to offset the jaw bone.


An oval-shaped face is one of the most common face shapes for a person to have. A voluminous, chin-length bob is going to emphasize the roundness of your face without adding the illusion of more length. Teasing the roots of your hair at the crown and at the sides will help frame the face. If you want to go long, snip some layers into your locks to keep the look light and bouncy.

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As for your brows, Lynn says that keeping them light and lengthy will do you wonders. Extending the brows horizontally will widen the appearance of your face to even out the length. Makeup for an oval face is fairly standard. Highlight the high points of the face and bronze the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, and forehead to maintain balance.


Like our friends with round faces, a pixie cut might be your new BFF, heart-shaped ladies. Keeping it long and soft on top can balance out a strong jaw. But if you want to keep length to your hair, a Reese Witherspoon-inspired cut will do you wonders. Side-swept bangs draw attention to the center of the face, as does the shoulder-length cut.

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Keep your brows fairly natural, Lynn says. Because a heart-shaped face means you most likely have a prominent jaw, lighter, soft brows will compliment your face beautifully. Apply bronzer on the forehead and underneath the cheekbones. Highlight the bridge of your nose, tops of the cheeks, and brow bone to draw attention to the center of your face.


Those of us with diamond faces look fabulous in updos. Keeping the hair brushed away draws the eye to the center of the face and accentuates the diamond shape. Similarly, wearing the hair long and in a center part will do the same. To lessen the diamond shape, part the hair to the side and wear it straight, adding volume to the roots.

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Adding a defined arch to the brow will elongate the shape of your diamond face. Like Taylor Swift, keeping the brows light and natural will soften your look. Applying a light wash of blush to the apples of the cheek and highlighting the bridge of the nose will bring those features to center-stage and round out the face.

Please note that if you don’t think your face fits into one of these categories — or could fit into more than one — that’s absolutely fine. These tips are only meant to help you enhance your natural beauty rather than cause you stress about not fitting into a category! There are no rulebooks when it comes to making personal choices about how you want to style your hair, brows, makeup, clothes, etc. And just because someone says you have a certain shaped face doesn’t mean you’re confined to a box thereon out.

Have fun with your look and continue to shine in the ways that make you the happiest!