Credit: Instagram/e.l.f.

The internet loves a good beauty deal, so it’s no wonder everyone’s going crazy over the $6 powder blush palette by E.L.F. For something that costs about as much as a tube of toothpaste, you’d be surprised at how pigmented this blush looks, and how evenly it goes onto the skin.

Folks are raving about it online. One woman wrote, “I love this palette, [because] they are so pigmented. I’m used to lousy blushes that you have to build up, so if I’m not careful I end up looking sunburnt.” Another said, “Actually kind of impressed with this new E.L.F Light Blush Palette, especially for $6.” Yet another came forward to say, “I have the light and dark palettes and they are both excellent quality.” Sounds pretty convincing to us.

Love E.L.F. products? You’ll be happy to know that E.L.F. also has a new bronzer duo out on the (electronic) shelves, just in time for summer. There are enough variations of prices to suit anyone’s financial needs. false

We also found out that Old Navy sells the $6 E.L.F. blush palettes in their stores, so if you pass by one on the way home from work today, drop in and use your extra change to snag yourself one.

On Twitter, there are plenty of women who are singing the praises of this blush. They just can’t get enough! false false false false

I’m starting to feel sheepish about my NARS Casino bronzer. I don’t think I’ll ever spend more than $10 on blush again.