Marie Lodi
March 09, 2015 6:00 am

Now here’s some new nail polish we are dying to get on our fingernails: Essie’s Spring 2015 collection. Never before have I wanted a manicure so badly.

Essie always wows with their polish colors and their new shades are no exception. Just look at these tiny bottles of perfection!

Ranging from a variety of warm, bright colors including a pretty purple to a charming teal, there’s something for everyone here. “Flowerista,” their spotlight shade, is a rich plum tone, while “Petal Pushers” is a smokey grey. “Garden Variety” is their token teal, “Perennial Chic” brings on a warm tawny tone, and “Picked Perfect” is reminiscent of light almond. The one I have my eyes on the most? “Blossom Dandy,” a gorgeous mint.

These colors would look amazing both on their own and worn in combos. Perhaps a French mani done in the teal and the mint? DELISH. I’m looking at my own chipped pink polish right now and just crying, you guys.

This collection is a SPRING DREAM! And for those of you still struggling through the icy winter tundra, a mani in these colors will give your hands a ‘lil taste of the warm weather and bright blooms that are coming soon.

Essie Spring 2015 Collection, $8.50 each.