Essie nail color
Credit: Essie/

You can never have too many nail polishes, which is why we’re so excited for the May release of Essie’s 1000th shade. The nail polish company is commemorating this incredible milestone with the limited edition shade called Aim to Misbehave — a pearly, jewel-toned yellow hitting stores next month, according to Popsugar.

Credit: Essie

Okay, so yellow isn’t the most reached-for color when it comes to painting your nails. But rather than being unflattering, Popsugar suggests that this particular yellow will light up your nail with its shimmer. Karen, a blogger at I’m A Beauty Geek, who was lucky enough to get a manicure in the new shade, calls the yellow “flecky and stupendously warm.” And the color isn’t the only unique thing about Essie’s 1,000th shade. The Aim to Misbehave bottle will also have a little extra something — decked out in stars and the number 1000 to make sure we don’t forget just how special this shade is.

To mark the company’s 35th anniversary, this is just one of many ways Essie is getting nostalgic, Earlier in 2016, they released the Retro Revival Collection, which brought back some classic shades from the brand’s archive, including Starry Starry Night, a strikingly dark blue with unbelievable shimmer.

You’ll have to get your wallets ready for the release, though, because after this $9 polish goes on sale in May (and presumably gets snapped up by nail polish aficionados like us), it won’t come back. We’ll definitely be on the lookout, and maybe add a few bonus shades to our carts. After all, we now have 1000 to choose from!