Monica Schipper / Contributor
Sarah Terry
September 07, 2016 12:12 pm
Living as a brunette can be hard. Everyone is always saying that “blondes have more fun,” and we dark-haired ladies have to try and prove that we ALSO have fun. In the end, there’s nothing like the sophistication of brunette locks, and yet, there are some struggles that only our dark-haired friends will truly understand.

1. When your hair gets crazy hot in the sun.

It feels like the universe is holding a magnifying glass to your hair the second the sun touches it.

2. When your hair disappears into the background in your pics.

We don’t look nearly as chic in a pic at a dark bar, because no one can see that hour we spent getting the perfect wave.

3. When you try a Pinterest-worthy new style, and it turns out looking like the poop emoji.

Sad face emoji.

4. When your head’s not the only place with dark hair…

The ‘stache struggle is real, y’all.

5. When you kinda thought ‘HUH?!’ when Rapunzel’s hair turned brown and “died” in Tangled

Yeah, we’re not sure how we feel about that story line either. Rapunzel looks fierce with her short, dark crop, though.

6. When you master the french braid, but you can’t see it, because your hair’s too dark.

Silver lining: no one can tell that you still haven’t nailed the inside-out braid.

7. Dyeing hair is super complicated and requires multiple steps.

Yep, no beautiful light shade was ever reached without a week spent looking like Carrot Top.

8. Blondes don’t appreciate how lucky they are in their hair color.

9. Even when you get a cool color, the roots give you away immediately.

We are all about the ombre look, because we don’t have to worry about our roots coming in.

10. Taking a selfie with the right lighting is not for amateurs.

No wonder Kim K has a special selfie phone case that lights her face.

11. Dry shampoo makes you look like you’re suddenly going gray.

Yeah, a little more lift isn’t always worth the salt and pepper look.

12. Speaking of gray, those little hairs show up SO easily.

There’s no hiding a couple grays like you do with lighter hair. You either have to wear it proud or dye dye dye.

But in the end, even with all of our #brunetteproblems, we love our dark hair, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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