Stephanie Hallett
March 06, 2017 11:48 am

Can Emma Watson just direct our lives already? She already has the best book recommendations, and now in an interview with Into The Gloss, Emma Watson is giving some serious beauty pro tips. So take notes!

Her number one go-to product? No, it’s not some pricey prestige item you might expect. It’s none other than a lip and cheek stain from The Body Shopand she loves it because, “I tend to get very pale [and the stain] makes me look healthy and less exhausted.” Can we get an amen!

The product in question is a stain in “Red Pomegranate,” a deep rouge that seems perfect for the vintage glam Watson prefers. And the best part? It’s on sale from The Body Shop right now for $9.60 — so you can perk up your skin the Emma Watson way for under $10. Talk about a beauty win!

Here’s the stain, in all of its delicious red glory.

The Body Shop

Get it here for $9.60.

In the interview with Into the Gloss, Watson shared a laundry list of the organic and eco-friendly beauty products she prefers, from mascara to pre-bedtime toner and moisturizer. And even though this Body Shop stain isn’t certified organic, she supports the brand because it’s environmentally conscious and works hard to get fair trade products on its shelves. This product, in fact, contains community trade aloe vera and honey.

Plus, she says, the stain “doesn’t really look like makeup” and “you can kiss someone while you’re wearing it and it’s not going to come off.” Sounds like Emma isn’t really into the “snogged lips” makeup trend, and we don’t blame her! (If you haven’t looked into it yet, we highly recommend a bit of investigation.)

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