Oh how I would die for a personal stylist. Alas, my pocketbook isn’t quite ready for a stylist.

BUT, I kind of feel like a stylist when I can look at photos of celebs and recreate their cute outfits based on key pieces. And thanks to one of my fave new apps, it is super easy to find exactly the look I want!

eBay Fashion is an addictive (in the best way) app from eBay that combines shopping with putting outfits together. Download it here.

It’s really easy to use. It’s set up like you’re browsing on any other major shopping retailer’s site. You can search through typical categories like women, men, vintage, etc, or you can search whatever you want. I typed in leopard print coat to see what I got and was greeted with a sort of Pinterest-like layout of coats in boxes that I could scroll through. Then, the best thing is that you can press “Refine” and get really specific.

The COOLEST thing though is the “image swatch” feature. You can take a photo from your photo library or snap one and it searches for matches in dresses, tops, coats & jackets, skirts, sweaters, and t-shirts. For example, I took a photo of a plaid shirt, and the eBay Fashion app instantly found plaid printed items in every category. Which makes it REALLY easy to recreate outfits!

Using the “image swatch” feature, I’m going to show you how to get the look of one of my favorite actresses. Check out the slideshow above to get to know this fabulous new app.

In addition to the image swatch feature, I also discovered that the eBay Fashion app has exclusive sales events from Rue La La and Fashion Vault. These sales provide exclusive access to some of the most amazing designers and eBay’s leading independent fashion sellers. Don’t miss these one-of-a-kind events and flash sales, download the eBay Fashion app today!