male polish
Credit: Instagram / @randomranswan

When companies market their nail polish, it’s almost exclusively done with the belief that only women will be wearing their products. When was the last time you saw a man show off his manicured nails in Essie products on TV or print?

Probably never, but as Mic reports, men have been wearing colored polish on their nails for centuries — longer than I even realized nail polish was around for. Over the years, we’ve spotted a few celebrities here and there rocking the darker polish on their nails, but recently, the trend has been popping on social media with men sharing their manis with the hashtag #malepolish.

The hashtag appears to have originated when fashion designer Marc Jacobs added the tag to a photo of himself sporting a glossy black mani by nail artist Jin Soon Choi.

“I think [a manicure is] a way for any man to put the finishing touch to his look,” Jin Soon Choi said to W Magazine during an interview about Jacobs back in April.

The hashtag now has over 1,145 photos shared by men rocking their “male polish” on Instagram in a variety of different styles.

Some men opt for single color styles, playing with a bit of color.

Others take it to the next level with some fun nail art.

Some go for glitter.

And others go for a classic chrome.

Some even have their nails did while working out.

We love that these men aren’t afraid to rock their manis in their own way and we’re TOTALLY stealing some inspiration for our own nails.