Winona Dimeo-Ediger
Updated July 06, 2016

Dry shampoo: time saver. Obsession. Miracle. Life hack. Gift from God. Beauty secret. Possible cause of premature hair loss.

Wait, WHAT?

Unfortunately, there might be a serious downside to our dry shampoo addiction. Writer and dry shampoo superfan Olga Khazan wrote an expose of sorts in The Atlantic, and through her interviews with hair stylists and dermatologists, she gathered some upsetting news. Turns out dry shampoo was never meant to be used as a regular alternative to shampooing, because it doesn’t actually clean your hair, it just soaks up oil. And the way it soaks up oil is not only irritating to the scalp, but it really can increase hair loss.

“[Dry shampoo] deposits substances to coat the follicle that can build up,” said one of the dermatologists Olga interviewed. “The resulting inflammation can weaken the follicles and increase shedding. These products can also cause hair follicles to stick together, so that a hair that would normally shed during brushing may take two or three strands along with it.

Ugh. Sound familiar? We definitely notice more shedding after using dry shampoo, but we always wrote it off as a random coincidence, maybe because the thought of our most beloved beauty product having such a gruesome side effect was too much to bear. This kinda feels like finding out our favorite boy band member made a sexist joke. Like, REALLY DUDE?

It sounds like using dry shampoo less frequently might be a better idea, which is good news, because we can’t really imagine life without it at this point!