Demi Lovato just made a major hair change

Demi Lovato is a lot of things – awesome musician, outspoken role model, and fashion inspiration. That’s why we’re always keeping an eye on the new looks she debuts, particularly when it comes to her hair. Here’s what the songstress has been sporting lately:

It takes serious effort to rock a lob this hard, but Demi has been absolutely nailing the short, easy-breezy look, especially with some punk influence sprinkled in there:

Whether it’s blue, blonde, or buzzed she has never failed to impress us with her beauty prowess over the years. BUT even a classic, perfect hairstyle can get a little blah after a while. Though Demi was, of course, still rocking it, we totally get why she decided a change was necessary.

That’s why we were incredibly excited to see that she had recently wowed us with a major change over Instagram.

What’s more unexpected than a haircut you might ask? How about hair extensions?

That’s right, Lovato recently showed off her new look with long locks on social media, and we love it! It’s very fresh and a fun nod back to her original style when we first got to know her in her Camp Rock days. Obviously we love Lovato regardless of what look she’s rocking, but we can’t wait to see what look she tries out next!

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