It's designed for people who are visually impaired or have upper limb motor disabilities.

Hedy Phillips
Apr 27, 2021 @ 3:21 pm
Degree deodorant
Credit: Courtesy of Degree

It's the first of its kind. Degree—the brand behind your favorite deodorant—is working on expanding its portfolio to include Degree Inclusive. The newly announced deodorant is designed for those who are visually impaired or have upper limb motor disabilities. While a standard deodorant stick or aerosol can would be incredibly difficult for someone with these disabilities to use, the new container makes it more inclusive.

Announced on April 26th, Degree Inclusive has a braille label and a unique design for easier handling and application. It's made with a hook on the top for one-handed usage (like you can see in the above photo), as well as a magnetic closure. The container also has an enhanced grip placement so it's easier to handle and a larger roll-on applicator to cover more surface area with one swipe, getting rid of the necessity to go back and forth multiple times.

The new adaptive deodorant was developed with "design experts from Wunderman Thompson, occupational therapists, engineers, consultants, and people living with disabilities across the globe," according to a press release. The deodorant is currently in beta testing, as the company doesn't want to fully roll it out until they know they've gotten it exactly right.

"As a brand that's committed to inspiring confidence in everyone to move more, Degree believes no one should be held back from experiencing the transformative benefits of movement," said Kathryn Swallow, Global Degree Brand Vice President. "More than 60 million people in the US live with a disability, yet products and experiences are still not designed with this community in mind. With Degree Inclusive, we hope to inspire bold action across the industry to ensure that people with disabilities have an equal playing field."

Stay tuned to find out if and when Degree Inclusive will be released for purchase.