Kathryn Lindsay
February 12, 2016 10:28 am

Whenever New York Fashion Week rolls around, the world leaves inspired to try the new and daring looks that premiered on the runway. This year, already something very specific has caught people’s eyes: cuticle nail art.

Debuted by Korean nail artist Unistella, cuticle nail art, also called nail shadows, was a big hit at the Creatures of Comfort show, and consists of tiny cuticle stickers and embellishments that compliment the art on the nail.

In this particular design, minimalism is key. The two delicate designs work together to make a subtle but awesome look.

However, you won’t just find cuticle art on the runway. Everyone has been trying their hands (literally) at the trend, whether that be modern and bold…

Funky and colorful…

Or subtle and unique…

We’re basically in love, and can think of no better way to make it through these last dreary months of winter than with some bright and happy nails (and cuticles!).