Before the end of this year, we’re going to have a new Star Wars movie. How crazy is that?

And thanks to to the upcoming flick Star Wars: The Force Awakens (not to mention all of the other franchise-related movies currently in the pipeline for years to come), we’ve been getting all kinds of great promotional tie-ins — most of which went on sale on Friday, September 4 and were quickly snatched up by new and old fans alike.

Well for all of us geek girls who like our overall look to pay tribute to one of our favorite universes, CoverGirl cashed in on the furor and released their own Star Wars makeup line. There are shades of lipstick that range from more traditional to fun and wild, as well as bright and funky nail polish colors — not to mention mascara that’s clearly branded for Light Side Jedi versus Dark Side Sith Lords, all of which come with their own Star Wars quotes to give you a little bit of inspiration and encouragement:

Pat McGrath, the global creative design director for CoverGirl, worked with the company to create seven makeup looks all inspired by the film franchise. The Light Side looks include Droid, Jedi and Mystic, while the Dark Side is home to inspiration in the form of the Stormtrooper, Dark Apprentice, and Chrome Captain. Checking out the collection’s official Tumblr page gives you access to the Droid and the Stormtrooper and all the pieces you need to complete your own look.

Singer Janelle Monae also modeled her own unique look based around the Resistance Pilot.

The Star Wars CoverGirl collection is only available for as long as supplies last, so try to get your hands on some before it’s too late. On second thought: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

[Images c/o CoverGirl.]