September 18, 2018 12:30 pm
Mika Robinson / HelloGiggles

For a long time, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with eyeshadow. While I’m a pro when it comes to neutral colors, anything more is a challenge. Compared to bolder, vibrant shadows, neutral tones are easier for me to blend and take less time to execute. I also don’t attempt a cut crease very often because, honestly, it’s hard for me to do. I barely have space between my lash line and my natural crease, so I have to redefine that area in order to achieve the look.

However, I’ve recently become more comfortable using and blending brightly colored shadows. With my newfound love for rich tones, I wanted to recreate an eye look that was outside of my comfort zone. Instead of going to YouTube, I followed an Instagram pictorial.

If you aren’t familiar with IG pictorials, they’re mini makeup tutorials that guide you with step-by-step photos and descriptions. Unlike video tutorials, which are more in-depth, IG pictorials cut out all the fat and get straight to the point. While there are breakdowns for all areas of makeup, most are eyeshadow tutorials—an accessible guide to help me achieve a bold eye.

The IG pictorial I was inspired to copy:

I wanted to choose a look that was out of my comfort zone yet still easy to copy. If I picked something too over-the-top, it would end up being an epic fail. Even though I haven’t nailed creating bold cut creases, I love how they look. That’s why I chose an IG pictorial with a colorful cut crease.

Made by samuel.rayy on Instagram, this look includes a smoky purple cut crease and fiery orange and yellow transition shades. To copy the IG pictorial, I used the Karity 21 Shadow In Matte Eye Palette ($29) and the Karity Pre-Shadow Primer ($8). Luckily, all of the colors I needed for this look were in the palette.

Here is what my progress looked like following Ray’s pictorial:

The first step in the pictorial—”Start off by putting down a vivid yellow as a transition shade.”

Mika Robinson / HelloGiggles

Next—”Blend a deep red/orange into the crease. Be sure not to take it too high up!”

Mika Robinson / HelloGiggles

After—”Take a white concealer to cut the crease. Take it out almost to the end of the eye.”

Mika Robinson / HelloGiggles

Then—”Go in with a dark violet to smoke out the end of the eye and diffuse that crease.”

Mika Robinson / HelloGiggles

Last but not least—”Tap a tiny amount of black eyeshadow to further darken the violet shade. Next, take a translucent powder under the eye to sharpen up the edge.”

Mika Robinson / HelloGiggles

The hardest part for me was cutting the crease, but that’s what I expected.

Mika Robinson / HelloGiggles

Final thoughts

To be honest, I thought this was going to be a lot easier than it was. Overall, I think I did a pretty decent job, considering it was my first attempt. Not to mention, this eye makeup was out of my comfort zone. I could’ve blended my shadows more to make it look cleaner and more seamless.

I noticed, however, that my left eye (which I did second) came out 10 times better than the first. As I mentioned before, I struggle with creating cut creases, so I should’ve known that following a pictorial like that wasn’t going to be easy. I feel that pictorials skip over steps that video tutorials typically break down. That said, I don’t think pictorials are beginner-friendly. If you’re still learning makeup techniques, it’s best to watch in-depth videos.

All in all, this pictorial was fun to do, and I’ll probably take another stab at it. I’m sure the more I practice looks from pictorials, the better I’ll get at executing them.