Souzan Michael
July 08, 2019 10:30 am

Slowly but surely, astrology has permeated the fashion and beauty industries, and has now fully cemented itself as a mainstay when it comes to accessorizing our lewks. The latest iteration of astrology’s takeover of the beauty industry? Constellation nail art. Even if you’re not that into your zodiac sign (let us guess: Virgo or Capricorn?), you can’t deny the stunning nature of astronomy—and the fact that these drawings of constellations make for super mesmerizing nail art designs.

Still not convinced? Check out some of the most beautiful constellation nail art on Instagram. Trust us, you’ll be converted to the dark starry side.

Opt for black designs on top of a pinky nude polish to make this nail art really pop.

Love the matte finish on this design.

The gold stickers are basically jewelry for your nails.

For an extra dreamy effect, go for indigo nail polish as a base.

Eye-catching without even trying.

Glitter fits right in with these gorgeous designs.

Matching your rings to your nails will never steer you wrong.

The marble accent nails are a beautiful finish.

A lighter, brighter option that’s perfect for summer.