Scarlet Meyer
Updated Nov 27, 2016 @ 8:37 am
Credit: Christen Dominque/ YouTube

Concealer is one of those products that everyone has kind of a love-hate relationship with. It’s great when you need it, and when applied correctly it can really bring your makeup look to the next level. However if you’re anything like me, it also still gives you flashbacks to applying the wrong shade in middle school, or not blending out your edges well in middle school (hey I think we’re seeing a pattern here!) Luckily for us though, a beauty vlogger has just shown us a bunch of different uses for concealer, and it’s totally changed our perspective on the stuff. This is a precious resource, not a tricky tool!

That’s why we’re so excited that beauty vlogger Christen Dominque has shown us all these cool ways to use concealer!

In this series of quick, makeup hacks she shows us is how to clean up mistakes in your lips, brows, and eyeliner with the help of concealer. It sounds totally weird but it works!

She also has a tutorial video for dealing with pesky under eye circles. While it’s a common beauty woe, we’re still so excited that she is using her skills to help people.

We think it’s so awesome that Christen Dominque is using this totally normal makeup staple to create these cool and unconventional looks! So what do you think? Would you ever use concealer to sharpen your cat’s eye, or highlight your new lipstick look? We definitely would try it at least once!